Emergo Wealth Presents the Investment Expert Conference 2014


The investment landscape in Cyprus and much of Europe provides ground for optimism, as economies and markets recover from the European financial crisis. Private and institutional investors alike are searching for opportunities for growth and portfolio diversification at a time when yields are low and under pressure.

Following the March 2013 decisions by the Eurogroup, including the haircut of uninsured deposits, retirement and provident funds in Cyprus have been hit particularly hard, given a distinct lack of asset diversification in their portfolios.  Securing a comfortable retirement requires long term planning and a rigorous and disciplined investment strategy that avoids behavioural biases and rush decision-making.

Several key questions need to be addressed: Are there attractive investment opportunities in Cyprus and abroad? Can Cypriots trust the investment market and find alternative investment strategies? How can investors diversify their portfolio to reduce the risks involved?

The Investment Expert Conference presented by Emergo Wealth on 19 September (09.00-13.00) at the Hilton Park Hotel in Nicosia analyses the global market outlook, provides alternative investment solutions that can enrich the portfolio of an investor, as well as informing investors about investment opportunities in Cyprus and abroad such as pension fund schemes, the future of alternative investments, etc.  

More specifically it will analyze:

•   The Global Market Outlook for 2015

•   Asset Allocation Strategies

•   Cyprus Retirement Funds

•   Global Equities investment outlook for 2015

•   Fixed Income investments

•   Alternative Products investment outlook for 2015

•   Investment opportunities in Cyprus

The conference is addressed to Management committees of provident and pension funds, Managers and consultants of provident and pension funds, Accountants, lawyers, legal advisors, financial advisors, Internal and external auditors, CEOs and CFOs, Human Resource executives, Fund managers, Investment departments of banking institutions, Competent Authorities of the State.

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