Alfred H. Balm




Mr. Alfred Balm, Chairman, owner and founder of the Emergo Group, has developed business opportunities and owns holdings through numerous companies in Canada, the United States, Asia, South America, the Caribbean and Europe. He has been the long-standing Chair of the global management committee responsible for building and managing the Group’s investments.

He joined International Technical Assistance in the 1950s and was involved in the construction of large projects located in a variety of locations and funded by the World Bank, Development Funds and Government-to-Government arrangements. Upon his return to Holland, Mr. Balm started his own architectural firm that through its offices in the Netherlands, designed and managed numerous projects throughout the country and abroad.

Through one of his companies, Cyprus-held Fracmaster, he was instrumental in rejuvenating the Russian oil industry after “perestroika”, signing the second ever joint venture between Russia and a western company. Mr. Balm who is a graduate of the Open University in the UK (BA and MA) was invited to represent Canada as energy advisor during the 1993 meeting of the G7 in Tokyo and was appointed a board member of the World Petroleum Congress in 2000. He was nominated for Emerging Markets CEO of the year award 1994 at the Joint Annual Meeting of the World Bank and IMF in Madrid, and is recipient of the Distinguished Business Leader Award of the University of Calgary.